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About Us


The Belmont County Schools Staying Clean Club is designed to help students in Belmont County stay drug free.  Accomplished through in-school rewards and community incentives, the Belmont County Schools Staying Clean Club works to keep students on the right track for a healthy drug free lifestyle.

How does the club work?

At the start of the school year, students may join by filling out the Belmont County Schools Staying Clean student form.  The cost to a member is an annual $10.00 fee for each school year.  The $10 fee covers all drug testing and any rewards throughout the school year.  Belmont County schools schedule and plan different club activities for members.    

Students will be drug tested at random throughout the school year.  ALL RESULTS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.  If a test result is positive, only the club coordinator (not the school coordinators) and the parent will be aware of the result. The student’s club ID card is taken and only returned after he/she tests negative.